Pressurized Welding Enclosure
Pressurized welding enclosures (PWE) provide a safe and cost effective way to perform hot work (welding, grinding, torch cutting, etc.) within an operating petrochemical facility.

Before the advent of pressurized welding enclosures, petrochemical facilities were required to shut down entire production trains, units, or platforms to ensure a safe environment to perform hot work. Safe Arc PWE's allow for hot work to be conducted in a small isolated area of a facility while minimizing operational impacts on the rest of the facility.

A pressurized welding enclosure is created by first enclosing a hot work area with modular flame-retardant panels. The design of the modular panels allows the Safe Arc enclosure to be erected around obstructions and allows for sealing against any piping or structural geometry. A ventilation system is added to provide clean air from a safe source to the workers inside the PWE while also pressurizing the enclosure's interior. The positive pressure inside the PWE prevents explosive gases from entering the hot work area.

The enclosure is equipped with numerous and redundant safety devices that will immediately disable all hot work if a potentially unsafe condition occurs. Safe Arc PWE's conform to the strict safety requirements of the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 14C (API RP14C) required by federal offshore production facilities.

The Safe Arc pressurized welding enclosure was first used on offshore production facilities. The logistics and requirements of offshore welding in explosive environments led to the design of a welding enclosure that could be easily transported and erected at an offshore facility in a short time with minimal labor.

The modular, interlocking, and reusable panels are easily stacked on standard pallets for transportation and typically require only two personnel to assemble and disassemble.

Continual Improvement
Safe Arc stands above the competition as the provider of the safest, most versatile, and most cost effective pressurized welding enclosure on the market.

The Safe Arc PWE has evolved out of a commitment to pursue the highest degree of safety. Safe Arc's design continues to improve through research and development and customer feedback in our modern manufacturing facility.

Safe Arc pressurized welding enclosures have increased the safety of performing maintenance and repairs on a variety of onshore and offshore industrial settings.

Safe Arc customers realize savings by minimizing production downtime and maintaining process continuity.