System Set-Up
  1. Identify hot work area and associated safety hazards.

  2. Determine enclosure entry and exit points and safest means of egress from the work area.

  3. Install framework to support the pressurized welding enclosure.

  4. Assemble modular interlocking panels to conform to the geometry of the work area. Window panels are placed in choice locations to allow maximum ambient light inside the enclosure and optimal viewing points for workers inside and outside of the enclosure.

  5. Seal all penetrations to the enclosure such as pipe, I-beam, railing, etc. Penetrations are wrapped with thermal blankets and then tightly sealed to maintain positive pressure. A protective floor is then installed using flame proof mats and/or metal plating.

  6. Install ventilation system to supply clean air from a safe, unclassified location to the enclosure. The ventilation system will remove welding gases within the enclosure and discharge them to a safe location once hot work activities commence.

  7. Install ASO "Automatic Shut Off" safety monitoring system utilizing pressure monitors on the enclosure door and gas monitors inside the enclosure and at the ventilation intake. For offshore platforms, Arc Stop is connected to the ESD system.

  8. Test all safety devices.

  9. Ready for hot work!