Benefits of Safe Arc Pressurized Welding Enclosures
Safe Arc Technology offers our customers a proven method of executing hot work without the necessity to shut in production or put off routine work until a scheduled turnaround while complying with OSHA and BSEE regulations and guidelines. Our method consists of constructing a pressurized welding enclosure to isolate the work zone and monitoring the environment inside the enclosure for continuous safety.

Safe Arc's modular panel welding enclosure has many benefits over traditional wooden welding enclosures:

  • Set-up time - Our modular interlocking panel design allows for quick set up, typically less than one day. Traditional wooden welding enclosures typically require several days of installation time.
  • Personnel needs - Our enclosures can be set up by just two qualified personnel. Traditional enclosures typically require a carpentry crew of 5-6 personnel.
  • Hazard exposure - Our system requires no power tools such as saws, drills, hammers, etc. usually needed for carpentry.
  • Waste disposal - Our panels are reusable and can be used again in other locations. Traditional wooden enclosures are made to fit the specific location rendering most of the building materials to a single use.